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How To Sell a House in Foreclosure

If you are facing foreclosure, chances are that you have endless questions and are experiencing many emotions. The foreclosure process can be overwhelming and, frankly, a bit scary. While you explore your options when it comes to avoiding foreclosure, you might wonder: “How can I sell my house fast in Pittsburgh?

The talented and compassionate team at Sell Pittsburgh Now, LLC, is here to explain how to sell a house in foreclosure while also ensuring you come away with a competitive cash offer.

The Foreclosure Process in Pennsylvania

Foreclosures don’t simply happen overnight. In most cases, it starts after the borrower fails to pay their mortgage payment for at least 60 days past the due date. Before lenders start the foreclosure paperwork, they will often send a few letters regarding their intent to foreclose on your home.

Homeowners have a few months during this period to come up with ways to prevent the foreclosure process from moving forward, known as the pre-foreclosure stage.

Some common ways to stop the foreclosure process from continuing include:

  • Filing for bankruptcy
  • Finding the funds to pay the outstanding mortgage payments
  • Seeking adjournments, or requesting a pause on the proceedings
  • Calling for additional hearings
  • Conducting a short sale of the property

If you fail to agree on a solution, the lender approval process will begin by filing a lawsuit against you to obtain the full payment.

This judicial foreclosure period will include a court hearing while a judge determines what should happen next. If the decision is made to sell the property publicly, the eviction process comes next.

Avoiding Foreclosure With Sell Pittsburgh Now, LLC

Having to make a decision when faced with a potential eviction can be scary. However, there is a simple solution to avoid the entire foreclosure process! Selling your home to Sell Pittsburgh Now, LLC, is a reliable way to receive a competitive cash offer on your home without the hassle of going through a traditional real estate sale.

Sell Pittsburgh Now, LLC, buys houses in any condition for any reason, so you don’t have to renovate, clean, or tackle repairs before reaching out. Even if you have never sold a home before, Sell Pittsburgh Now, LLC will explain how to sell a house in foreclosure so it is easy to understand.

Depending on where you are in the foreclosure process, we can move through the necessary steps quickly so you have cash in hand in as little as seven days. Selling your home to Sell Pittsburgh Now, LLC, is the most reliable way to stop foreclosure immediately.

How our process works:

  1. We learn about your property
  2. We present a fair cash offer to you.
  3. We set a closing date within a week.

Sell Pittsburgh Now, LLC, Will Buy Your Home

In foreclosure? Not sure what to do next? Let us help you navigate how to sell a house in foreclosure with confidence. Call Sell Pittsburgh Now, LLC now at (412) 275-5238. We will start the process of buying your home as-is.