Find the right Pittsburgh cash home buyer

How to Find the Right Pittsburgh Cash Buyer for Your Home   When most people decide it’s time to sell their home, the first thing they do is turn to a real estate agent and the traditional real estate market. While this method is one option, it’s not the only option. If your end goal … Continued

Benefits of using a cash home buyer

The Benefits of Using a Cash Home Buyer The internet is full of opinions and information about selling property. It’s easy to get confused and wonder which approach is right for you. Should you list your home with a real estate agent? Try to sell it yourself? The answer lies with your situation and what … Continued

Can I sell my house during foreclosure?

A home foreclosure can be a confusing, awkward time for a homeowner. Homeowners might feel as though they are trapped and have no options when it comes to foreclosure. If you’re facing the financial burden of foreclosure on your home, Sell Pittsburgh Now has solutions that might help you through your financial crisis.  When you’re … Continued

How to Sell My Pittsburgh House During a Divorce

A divorce can be one of the most unsettling and stressful times in anyone’s life. It’s particularly disconcerting when the divorce settlement includes the sale of your Pittsburgh house. Whether you are splitting assets or liquidating a property, selling your home isn’t easy. If you need to sell your home quickly because of a divorce, … Continued

Are Home Selling Companies Credible?

They’re everywhere…signs around town boasting that they “buy houses.” Homeowners can’t be blamed for being a little skeptical about the legitimacy of companies when they see so many signs throughout their neighborhoods, especially if they’re interested in selling their own homes. Are Pittsburgh companies that buy houses credible or are the offers to buy your … Continued