What Fees Do Sellers Pay When Selling a House? 

Ready for your home to hit the market? While it may be exciting to see the potential sale numbers and projections for your property, it’s important to remember that you don’t get to keep all of that money after the sale. There are many different fees and costs associated with selling a home the traditional way. 

So, what fees do sellers pay when selling a house? The team at Sell Pittsburgh Now can answer your question of, “how to sell my house fast in Pittsburgh“, and explains some of the most common fees below. 

Getting Your Home Ready To Sell 

Most homes require some level of staging and preparation before hitting the market. Selling a home is all about presentation, so it takes time and money to clean your space and prep it for the sale. While you can do a lot of this work yourself, paying a company to do it professionally increases your chances of selling faster. You can expect 1-4% of your sale price to go towards this service. 

It’s also important to freshen up your space, which can cost money. Fresh paint, new flooring, and serious decluttering make your home more inviting. A fresh space allows potential buyers to see themselves in your home. 

Inspections and Repairs 

Once you have an offer accepted, most purchase agreements include a necessary inspection. You may have to foot the bill of the inspector, and depending on what they find, you might have a large repair bill to tackle. 

Certain buyers can afford to be picky in the current real estate market, so dealing with minor to moderate repair costs is common. These costs can vary greatly depending on what the inspection uncovers.

So, what fees do sellers pay when selling a house after settling the purchase agreement? Closing costs come next. 

Closing Costs and Commission 

Closing costs come into play during the final acts of transferring homeownership. In addition to the list price, title fees, settlement fees, and recording fees are necessary to ensure an accurate and smooth transition. These costs can take up 1-3% of your sale price. 

Finally, hiring a real estate team to sell your home involves some level of commission payment. After all, real estate agents need to make money, too! Commission fees vary based on the price of your home, but you can expect about 5-6% of your sale price to go towards your realtor’s commission. 

Skip the Costs and Sell Faster 

Do all these fees have you second-guessing whether to sell? Selling your home to a real estate investor team like Sell Pittsburgh Now is the best way to sell your home quickly without the hassle and unexpected costs.

You can sell your home as-is, avoid tricky legal considerations when selling, and walk away with more money in your pocket. 

Ready to skip questions like, “What fees do sellers pay when selling a house?” Contact the team at Sell Pittsburgh Now at (412) 275-5238 and we will take care of finding the right buyer in Pittsburgh for your home.

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