How to Sell My Pittsburgh House During a Divorce

A divorce can be one of the most unsettling and stressful times in anyone’s life. It’s particularly disconcerting when the divorce settlement includes the sale of your Pittsburgh house. Whether you are splitting assets or liquidating a property, selling your home isn’t easy. If you need to sell your home quickly because of a divorce, Sell Pittsburgh Now has some information that might help you decide how to move forward.

Sell Your Home With Less Stress

It can be a challenge to sell a house in Pittsburgh. The court ordered sale of your house in a divorce can be even more stressful. Sell Pittsburgh Now has options that allow you to sell your home fast, for fair-market value, with less stress than listing your home with a traditional real estate agent. During a divorce, time matters. If you want to put the past behind you as soon as possible, then listing your home on the traditional real estate market might not be the answer for you. It takes three to six months  for the average house to sell in Pittsburgh. This is probably more time than you can spare. We can expedite the sale of your home and allow you to quickly access the money tied up in your home’s equity. Get cash at closing without the added expenses of costly fees and commissions.

When you’re dealing with a divorce, the last thing you want to do is spend time and money working on your home before it sells. A real estate agent might convince you that making costly upgrades and doing a long list of repairs will increase the amount you will receive for your home, but you have to put the money upfront to get the work done. When you sell your home to a cash buyer, we do any work needed after we buy it. You don’t have to spend any money to sell your Pittsburgh house. You don’t have to get quotes, hire contractors, or spend endless weekends doing the work yourself. If you accept our fair market offer, Sell Pittsburgh Now can close on the sale at a time of your choosing.

There are facets of a divorce that you can’t control. Selling your home to Sell Pittsburgh Now is something you can control. You decide if you want to accept our offer and you decide when to close on the sale. You get cash in your pocket fast so you can move on to the next chapter in your life.

If you’re selling your Pittsburgh house during divorce and aren’t sure how to sell your home quickly, contact Sell Pittsburgh Now. Our home buying experts are here to help.

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