Downsizing Your Pittsburgh Home

The children are grown and have moved away. You’re retired and just don’t need as much space as you used to. No matter why you’ve chosen to downsize your home, Sell Pittsburgh Now can help you with the sale of your home so you can move forward on your schedule. Sell Pittsburgh Now buys homes in Pittsburgh, AS-IS, for any reason, including when homeowners need to downsize.

February 8, 2022

How We Can Help

There are times in life when downsizing makes sense. If you’ve decided that a smaller home and less “stuff” makes sense for you, Sell Pittsburgh Now has a lasting home downsizing solution. If you want to sell your home fast and don’t want to wait months for the home to sell with a real estate agent, contact Sell Pittsburgh Now. We’ll review your property and make a fair-market, all-cash offer to purchase the property. When you accept the offer, you receive cash for the value of your home’s equity.

Sell your home and move forward much quicker than you would by listing your home on the traditional real estate market. When you sell to Sell Pittsburgh Now, we can close on a timeline of your choosing which allows you to maintain control of your situation. Take the time you need to deal with possessions and search for your next home knowing that you’re not going to be forced out. Sell Pittsburgh Now offers reliable, transparent transactions that make downsizing a breeze! 

Contact Sell Pittsburgh Now Today!

Downsizing your house for retirement can be an uneasy process. Sell Pittsburgh Now can help take away the stress by buying your home AS-IS, with no hidden fees or contracts. Our streamlined, transparent process allows us to make fair-market, all-cash offers and let the homeowners choose their closing dates. When you need to downsize your home, Sell Pittsburgh Now has a solution that works in your favor. Call or contact our home-buying experts today!