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If you’ve decided to liquidate a rental property that still has tenants occupying it, Sell Pittsburgh Now has a solution for you. We buy homes under any circumstances, including Pittsburgh properties occupied by tenants. Do you need to sell a house with renters? Contact us today to see how Sell Pittsburgh Now can help you.

February 8, 2022

How Sell Pittsburgh Now Can Help

As a landlord, you have obligations to your tenants, but no one should have to keep a rental unit when they no longer want it. Skip the red tape and legalese when you sell a house with renters. Sell Pittsburgh Now buys homes as they are, in any condition, and under any circumstances. If you’ve decided to part ways with your tenants and don’t want to keep the rental unit, our home-buying company can make an all-cash offer to buy the property. Even if the property is occupied, we’ll review the location and make a fair-market offer to buy the home. If you accept our all-cash offer, you’ll get paid for the cash value of the property’s equity and rid yourself of the unwanted responsibility with much less hassle and stress than selling the home through the traditional real estate market.

If your current renters haven’t taken care of the property, Sell Pittsburgh Now can still work with you. We buy homes as they are, in their current condition. This saves you time and money. Real estate agents usually recommend costly upgrades and repairs before listing a home. Sell Pittsburgh Now doesn’t require any extra work from the homeowner. Accept our offer, and we’ll deal with the tenants and any repairs the home needs.

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If you have a rental property you want to sell, contact the home-buying experts at Sell Pittsburgh Now. We have solutions for landlords who want to sell their Pittsburgh property with tenants. Call or contact us online today!